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Transforming Lives: Making a Difference Through Charity

At Guardian Impact Windows & Roofing, we believe in the power of giving back to our community. Through our Charity Initiative, we are committed to supporting organizations that make a profound difference in the lives of those in need. By partnering with impactful charities, we aim to contribute to the well-being and betterment of our society. A portion of each sale goes directly to one of our chosen charities, allowing our customers to join us in making a positive impact. Together, we can build stronger, safer, and more compassionate communities.

Guardian Day

At Guardian Impact Windows & Roofing, we dedicate the first Saturday of each November to making a difference in our community. Guardian Day is our company’s volunteer initiative, where our team comes together to support various local causes and organizations. From helping at food banks to participating in community clean-ups, we believe in the importance of giving back and fostering a spirit of service. Our commitment to Guardian Day reflects our core values of integrity, community, and compassion. By volunteering our time and resources, we aim to build stronger, safer, and more connected communities. We are proud to work alongside our neighbors to create positive change and make a lasting impact.

From prevention to restoration, 4KIDS intervenes at multiple levels to bring hope, homes, and healing to kids and families in crisis across 12 Florida counties and beyond. 4KIDS’ compassionate, faith-based services include family preservation efforts, foster care, residential programs for young adults, and trauma-informed therapy and training. 

Since 1997, 4KIDS has been committed to key collaboration with churches, businesses, and government organizations alike to bring transformational love to our community’s most precious resource—the next generation.

This is the story of Naia the dog as well as NAIA the organization, because they are so connected that we can’t tell you about one without the other. Naia, the sweet pitbull in the photo, was my brother’s adopted dog. I had found her in a neglected and abused state when I was an animal control officer. Luckily we were able to rescue her, her siblings, and their father. 

Naia was a truly amazing soul. She was loved by everyone that had the privilege to have met her. When Naia was 3 years old, she was diagnosed with Addison’s disease. On September 9th, 2014, Naia suffered an Addisonian crisis and passed away. NAIA’s Pet Rescue was founded in her memory. NAIA’s name will live on by saving many animals in anguish just as she was when she was rescued. Gone but never forgotten.

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund provides urgent financial assistance and critical dental care to Florida’s eligible wounded and disabled veterans.

Wounded Veterans Relief Fund is dedicated to providing urgent financial assistance and critical dental care to Florida’s eligible wounded and disabled veterans. Founded by veterans for veterans, we are committed to enhancing the quality of life for those who have served by offering essential support and resources. Our mission is to ensure that no veteran in need is left behind, and we strive to provide the highest level of relief and assistance possible through compassionate and effective programs.